The 15 companies in 100 words

23 05 2009

3D TV Solutions

With the perspective of the gigantic 3D market, 3DTVSolutions™ conceives, develops and industrializes tools, cameras and software suites to create real and virtual images in FullDepth™3D to be viewed with or without glasses.

Our technology breakthrough represents a unique expertise in the complete chain of 3D imaging: Production-Transmission and Display, including the FullDepth3D image of a person from waist up, in volume, real size and real time.

With three main offerings:

  • “Engineering”: partnering with multinational corporations for targeted co-developments;
  • “Hardware”: camera systems dedicated to specific applications;
  • “Software”: software suites and high value-added bundled products

3DTVSolutions™ opens up huge market potential for industry, audio-visual production, gaming, simulation and augmented reality.


As An Angel

AsAnAngel’s mission is to make its dialog technology the standard communicating system worldwide, to be used by most conversational agents, avatars and robots within the 3 next years.

Conversational Agents & Avatars using AsAnAngel technology provide user-friendly navigation through natural language interaction, so that end-users get immediate & customized answers to their requests.

At French Tech Tour ‘09, AsAnAngel presents 3 modules, allowing fast development of self-service agents: 

  • Agent quick learning (acquiring knowledge) from text
  • Agent extracting knowledge from the web
  • Agent analyzing semantics in user’s questions & statements


AB Phone

Abphone is a playable search service, providing mobile users with a fun way to search and discover the web on their mobile phone. Unlike traditional search services, abphone drives users to actionable content (images, video, music, games), not to web sites.

Search results are played without leaving the abphone web site, making abphone a destination site as much as a search service. Abphone currently attracts a substantial worldwide mobile audience, which is monetized through two business models: advertizing and subscription.



Because the future of audio is 3D, A-Volute develops the next generation 3D audio standards.

From fighter’s aircraft, to high-end simulators, to USB gaming peripherals or handheld devices, Nahimic technologies is used in all audio applications. Compared to current 3D audio techniques, Nahimic provides a universal 3D sound that works for everyone, gives unmatched spatial sensations even using integrated speakers, offers new algorithms that enable to process ten times more sound sources in real time for more realism, and finally integrates all audio solutions so that our sound engine is a “one stop solution” for all software/hardware products.



BinarySEC SaaS: a revolutionary approach to solve Web applications and websites’ security through Security as a Service -SaaS-. Cyber-criminality costs 100 billion USD (2006). Other malvolent actions include: cyber-defense, terrorism, economic espionage! Web applications are in danger while they are key. In practise, BinarySEC designs, develops and operates its own software and technology via dedicated platforms positioned on the web. 

BinarySEC SaaS combines securization -our core business- with acceleration, statistics, high availability and monitoring. We plan to democratize this high-end offer via very affordable monthly subscriptions. Our patented technology is designed to combine accuracy, performance and user friendliness.


Calinda Software

Calinda Software provides dynamic e-mail mapping solutions.

Today, corporations are organized in projects with distributed teams, customers and partners. The dominant communication tools remain the e-mail and the telephone. The e-mail allows communicating more and faster, but it creates a significant information overload.

At Calinda Software, we created a technology that dynamically builds maps from e-mails exchanged within a workgroup, regardless of type of e-mail people use, and without installing anything on their computers.

The resulting visual representation simplifies the identification of key information, decision making and capitalization of knowledge. This solves the main productivity challenge in the knowledge economy.



Put a Lawyer in you Phone !

Codasystem has created Shoot and ProofÔ, Shoot & Proof is a mobile software that captures unmodifiable, localized and legally-valid digital pictures with a simple mobile phone.

Digital pictures are everywhere (UGC, Geotagging..) but they are also very easy to modify and cannot be trusted. And if your pictures have value to you or to others they should be protected.

Photos taken with this system have legal value and can be used as evidence of WHO did WHAT, WHEN and WHERE.

Shoot & Proof is based on a worldwide patent granted in 2005 and available on almost any type of Smartphone and soon on digital cameras.



” Today, for someone working, traveling and using all convenient communication means (mobile, fixed line, PC, fax) there are so many ways to be reached: VoIP, IM, SMS, voice calls, social networks, email. According to your profile, some of you will be using more voice than text, always calling from their mobile or mixing with Skype or another VoIP solution. Some of you will prefer Facebook to send a message compared to their email. This complex environment makes it also very difficult for a user to correctly synchronize his contacts info between all of these different interfaces.

Digitrad is a Unified Communications platform. We provide users with a single digital ID that bridges all different means of communications. We change your phone number, your email, your pseudo into one single name accessible from any device.

Professionals and individuals can use Digitrad technology platform through intuitive web interfaces or through web services to create their own communication services or to mesh some functionalities with their existing applications or web pages. ”



GigaTribe is the editor of a community driven application already used by 1 million people to share files privately over the Internet.

Many of us have Gigabytes of photos, videos and documents on their hard drive but sharing those large files with friends and family with little effort is tricky. GigaTribe lets your friends download any file you’ve shared directly from your hard drive: There are no limitations on quantity or file size, photos and videos remain in their original format, it’s secure and private. You let your friends download the files they like but you keep the control. 



Orcanthus develops through the mother company id3 and sells products and solutions in the area of authentication, identification and traceability.

The appointed high-tech R&D team (36 people), specialized in ASICs, imaging and communicating sensors, provides a total mastery of developed technologies and solutions. Therefore we guaranty the evolution and the durability of products and provide the efficiency required by our partners and customers.

Orcanthus acts on the identification and authentication markets, with a variety of facilities, “contact”, “contactless” and “biometrics” technology-based, used in the physical and logical access control, data processing, authentication of e-documents …

The company has developed in 1999 the first product that allows fingerprint templates and matching algorithm to be stored in a smart card.

May 2009, the NIST released the results of the MINEX II Phase III program. The report clearly demonstrates the ability of id3/Orcanthus algorithm to combine exceptional interoperability, accuracy and speed, and to achieve the minimum error rate specifications of the United States’ Government’s PIV program. id3/Orcanthus algorithm not only exceeds the PIV accuracy specifications, but it is also the fastest implementation to date with 50% of genuine comparisons executed in under 0.28 seconds, and even more impressive asset is its very low resource requirements (3kB code, 1kB data) which make easy the implementation on any smart card.



PAYTAP empowers his clients with their next generation voice and web payment and remittance services delivery platform.

Unlike other Mobile Payment solutions, PAYTAP requires no installation on the SIM card or the cell phone. Paytap combines Web services and Interactive Voice Response technologies in an application server.

PAYTAP manages and secures money transactions, account assessment and topping up in real time.

Paytap serves :

  • Person to person payment (face to face and at distance)
  • Person to Merchant payment, web store monetization
  • Sectoral Currencies (loyalty programs, vouchers, gifts)
  • Complementary Currencies ( bancarization for the poorest, foreign remittance)  


Smart Quantum

SmartQuantum is a leading high tech start up company in high-speed network security. We harness the astonishing power of Quantum Cryptography combined with digital hardware encryption to protect data in motion and enhance the value of legacy, actual and future IT security services.

Our best-of-class SQDefender solutions create significant competitive advantage and provide added-value services by guaranteeing zero security breach and high quality-of-service during transmissions.

Key benefits of our superior and innovative security solutions are absolute security for voice, data and video transmissions and dramatic cost reduction (no key management system).



Using its expertise in contactless products and solutions (NFC & Zigbee), TazTag developed the TazCard, an electronic wallet, credit card format (0,23″ thick), multi-application and high secure. A lot of technology in a user friendly smart object making daily life easier without giving away data privacy! The NFC totem enhances our solution with a new building block and provides an easy way to create and federate a professional and business community, from partners to end-users and customers. 


Vision SAS

Top Media is the ultimate convergence between smartphone and personal computer. Computer manufacturers tend to reduce the computer screen size to make them more portable and still user-friendly. Mobile phone and Smartphone manufacturers have increased the screen size to get performances closer to computers. Can we think of a small and light product that provides the combined capabilities of a Smartphone and a home computer with a large screen in a pocket size product weighting only 200g? Top Media is the answer. Top Media will bring a revolution in the field of merging mobile phone and personal computer. 


Vity Technology

VITY company is a French automation system manufacturer focusing on touch panels, controllers and application software used for commercial and residential market .VITY has a 14 years old experience in the control system market; with its own R&D department, VITY provides automation hardware and software solutions based on flexibility and innovative technologies, that can be used for conference room, home automation, energy saving control, medical applications and assistance to people. VITY also has a distribution branch that provides audiovisual interface sand digital signage solution with LCD monitors, which induce the company as a global solution provider for professional integrators and installers.




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